Monday, September 29, 2008

Bits of Randomness

My last post was over a month ago! Yikes. Work has been seriously very busy, not my usual very busy, plus school is in session again for my High Schooler. Well, I will try to collect some thoughts I have had over that last month:

FIRST THINGS FIRST: THANK YOU TO MAR for my AMAZINGLY lovely pif gift! I am going to add a picture in the morning when the light is better to take a snap of the gorgeous Mary Engelbreit embroidered tea towels and the sweet zip pouch made with ME fabrics!! I swooned when I got them. xoxo

It's weird when your child is an adult and living on his own. My son is adjusting better than I. My husband and I were supposed to go over for dinner tonight, cooked by son and roommates, but then we got the call: "uh, yeah, dinner's not gonna happen. We were planting a shrubbery and hit the water line, so, yeah, uh, we don't have running water and we're kinda too stressed too cook" FUNNY, right?! except we own the house in question. . . [gotta love the monty python reference he made to shrubbery though] OK, so, deep breath, the kids shut off the water, had the neighbor guy help them, and are fixing it themselves, so yay! the boy is growing up. . . maybe. I didn't have the guts to go see it yet.

My melon quilt is at the quilter's! whoo hoo! It's all done, and my brother-in-law helped me find the perfect harlequin design deep peach and orange backing fabric at my super local qs, Main Street Quilts. guess what, chickens, I forgot to take a picture. lame. While I was there, I also dropped off Hella Pink to be quilted, which I blogged about a long time ago . . .

While putting away the melon quilt fabric, I made another small quilt out of the leftovers, and it turned out pretty swell, so say I. Yah, no picture, but that one is still here so there is hope.

I found the perfect purse! I have been looking for a nice sized, i.e, big enough to hold day planner, makeup bag, ipod, lunch, cell phone, crazy huge George Costanza wallet. I wanted it to be leather, a really durable purse (cuz I treat my purses just a bit nicer than Pete Townsend treated his guitars) and I found it! I love the size, love the color. But that's weird, cuz I used to h8 orange. Now I decided I lurve it. And in my world, it's a neutral because I am sick of changing purses. harrumph.

Um, and my other big find is my NEW (to me) CAR!! I got a 2007 BMW 335i coupe. It is so dang cute! It's silvery gray, very sporty and fast. I bought it from a private party - a dentist - who is a car fanatic, so it's very well cared for. Isn't it weird though, going to buy a car from someone? You have that, "I hope this isn't a scam or a criminal lair I am being drawn into" feeling, so of course, you bring your girlfriend with you, like the two of you could fight off a gang of crazed chop shop meth fiends. Then you get there and you realize the seller is thinking, "I hope this isn't a scam or a lure that leads to my story being featured on American Justice." But of course, it was all legit and civilized, so now I have a new-to-me car.

My eight year old nephew, Hurricane Morgan, is returning for a visit on Friday. He will be staying for a week, so I plan on being exhausted the following weekend. He told his Mom that he hoped that he got to cook with Uncle while he is here. Isn't that so cute? Every time he visits, my husband gets him involved in cooking for the family. We also sew gifts for his Mom.

We are rearranging the house. Swapping the quilt room, which is currently in the downstairs bedroom that is off of the family room, with the upstairs loft library. I am excited because the loft is a bigger, open space with room for friends to come over and play. Yippee. BUT I am also weary of the ginormous effort this is going to require. Thank goodness my boys are big and strong! I am excited to re-organize and clear out some clutter. I think I am going to get a book on quilt room set up to help with the layout. Any designers or organizers that want to come set up my new space for me?? [cricket sounds]

I have a magazine recommendation to all of my legions of fans: Clean Eating has menus, meal plans and shopping lists for really tasty and healthy food. I have been cooking on Sundays all of my lunches for the week with recipes from this magazine. The website is good, too.

So, here I am, a virtual Girl Scout-knock off, knocking on your virtual door: I am on the fundraising committee for Grad Night at my son's High School and we are having a Longaberger sale to raise funds for the cause. If anyone is interested, you can visit this website, and 25% of anything ordered goes to safe and sane Grad Night. And I promise I will buy your kid's girl scout cookies if you do!

OK, survey: Monday Night Football is over and I have two options: clean the kitchen, or sit in my quilt room and ponder the quilty makeover . . . yah, noo need to survey or take a vote, pondering wins.