Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick picture upload of our booth at the Las Colcheras show:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Quilt show season is upon us!

Always time for a little art on the patio.  Created by Daddy-O, Kaitlynn and me.  Acrylic paint on a piece of muslin.

girly raspberry beer on the left, manly porter on the right
We have been kinda busy here at Sunshine Quilting. Just returned from a great 2 day show in Pueblo, Colorado where we met some very nice people and ate some very delicious pizza and tasty beer.  We had such a great time demonstrating the fabulous Nolting longarm machines, and now I cannot wait to return to quilting some more customer quilts.

Speaking of customer quilts and deliciousness, here are some photos of a couple of quilts made by Lisa which I had the honor of quilting last week.  First up is this really unique mystery quilt.  The pattern is from the book by M'Liss Rae Hawley, Fat Quarter Quilts And the fabrics used by Lisa screamed for a metallic gold thread. Yes, screamed.  Loud.  I used a panto on this quilt called "Fantasia" which I just love.  It is a nice feathery design that contrasts with the sharp geometry of the piecing, yet has that sort of Asian peacock feather feel that I thought would complement the Asian theme fabrics of the quilt.

Butterfly detail in border, which was Sweetie's idea.  I love this metallic thread

Lisa's other quilt was a tasty modern quilt made with Cherrywood fabrics.  I did not think to get a snap of the overall quilt, but here is the detail.  Lisa and I chose a "watery meander" that I did freehand to enhance but not detract from the solid bars of color.  I used a mulberry colored thin 50 weight thread on this one.  Superior Threads, so fine #438.

We will be at the big show in Utah - HMQS so if you are in SLC May 10-12, please stop in and say hi and purchase your very own Nolting machine!