Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am weak . . . I finally gave in . . .

No, I didn't break my diet (what diet?) and gobble up a pan of brownies. . . (mmmm, brownies) like Jessie in my favorite 1979 after school special with Rex Smith "Sooner or Later"

No, I added YARN to my list of crafty obsessions, picked up a crochet hook, asked my mom to teach me, and started a NEW HOBBY.   I sorta made a pact with myself to not do this . . . but, in my defense, IT WAS ALL PINTEREST's FAULT.  I mean, I wanted a hobby that I could easily do in the car, while watching t.v., that sort of thing, and it's hard to sew on a machine while passenger in a car, and hand sewing is not my thing.  I have promised to limit myself to one basket of yarn at a time.  NO building up a stash.  Use what's in the basket before moving on.  (STOP LAUGHING). . .

Anyway, you have to check this out.  Teacups and saucers!  In crochet!  I know, so cute.

Actually, just go check out my pinterest - I have already a list of projects I want to make.  Today, I am going to work on these adorable cup holders, to build my skills.  If you know me, you will probably get one in your Christmas stocking this year, so act surprised.  I will be working on this, you know, when I am sitting on the couch, or passengering or when I am supposed to be working . . .

The craftalanche continues.

Oh, and here is the April placemat / table runner I designed for Gathering Stitches, also I will be teaching some classes in May-July timeframe, so keep checking the Gathering Stitches website, and also click on the link and check out the block of the month.  It is stunning.  Go.  Go now, check it out.  Time is running out to join, you will want to do this one, I promise.

[something is not working with blogger today or maybe it's my computer, but I cannot upload pictures.  will try later]

See you

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Since my last post, I have done a few things. . . some quilty, some family, some work things.. . .

FIRST, the Quilty Things:

Sunshine Quilting booth at Ruidoso Airing of the Quilts show in September. Hi Brian!!

Detail of customer quilt in progress on the longarm.  This was her very first quilt!!

Another first quilt, quilted by me

Same pattern, different colors, made by Debi, quilted by me

Love the swirled hearts pattern she chose.

Made and quilted by me, for a customer to give to her  Mom.  How sweet!!  Love this pattern.  Totally tubular, same pattern as the August post . . .

My original pattern -- taught in a class at Gathering Stitches.  This one was made by one of the students!!  Great job Beth!!

The February "flower of the month" table runner for Gathering Stitches.  Violet.

The January table runner - carnation.  unfinished here.

Finally finished the quilt for our bed.  YAY!!

How do you like the binding?  . . . yah, it's called "imaginary binding."  Great technique

Baby quilt made by customer, quilted by me.

Another picture of a totally tubular quilt I made and quilted  for a customer
yup, same pattern as before, variation with a solid on one half of the tube.

And a quilt for the guest room bed, made from the Carolina 9 patch swap with Kim and her  mom Kathy's sewing group

ooh, the same "imaginary binding" technique.  cool.

detail of border and quilting

I also did 2 baby quilts for Jeannie.  I have LOST MY PICTURES.  I h8 the cloud right now.  I don't get apple at all. .. I miss my android so much.  Don't tell apple.  They might delete all my apps or something.

I will get the pictures back somehow and get them up here.

OK, so life / other events.  I have decided to return to the practice of law, more or less full time, so I studied for (while working full time), took and PASSED the NM state Bar Exam!!  hooray!! and I have opened my own law practice here in NM.  Hubs and I will still work together - he as a notary, process server and legal document courier.  Very excited to have the flexibility to quilt on the side, too.

Which is what I am going to do NOW.  I have a quilt that needs piecing, and a long overdue customer quilt to embellish upon. . .