Monday, November 15, 2010

Lawn Chair quilt

It's about 80 degrees out and I am working outside today. I can't believe it's November!  Maybe this summer day was brought about because I was putting together the Lawn Chair quilt designed by uber talented Monica of Happy Zombie fame.

I was laying out and sewing the rows of this while watching all manner of guilty pleasure chick TV. "16 and pregnant," "the Locator," "Four Weddings," and "Dear Genevieve ." Hey this tomboy needs to keep the chick card current or it might expire. . .
Its ok. Tonight's football game will wipe out some of those credits.

I think I will work on something with a wintry feel to get this weather back to cider-sippin'  and sweater wearing days.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Doncha just love that new commercial with the texting while doing all sorts of stuff -- Really? texting while you are playing baseball with me? Really?

So, same attitude-laden expression here when it comes to my works in progress - REALLY??

I got some organization up in here, and I discovered that I have 6 wip's that are "nearly done," as in just need quilting and binding or less -- one just needs some more eyeballs sewn on. yah, figure that one out - not a Dexter quilt or a Halloween thing -- it's my What a Hoot! owl quilt that I am sewing google eyes onto. Nearly finished with them too, it's just that if I work on it too much I get this feeling like somebody's watching me. Great, now that lame song will be in all of our heads today.

Next, I have 7 wip's that are "in the middle," as in I have some of the cutting and piecing done, like in the 25-50% done range: Lawn Chairs, swanky pinwheels, Harmony and Alice in Wonderland, and three projects from block exchanges where I have all of the exchange blocks and just need to do the alternate setting blocks to finish the quilts.

Then, there are 5 wip's in the "out of the starting gate" mode, where I have all fabrics pulled and ready, and I have actually begun cutting and/or piecing the blocks. It's no longer a fantasy project, tucked away on an island of my mind.

Finally, I have 12, yes another DOZEN for you math people, of projects that are in the "gathering" stage - I have the pattern, I have a lot, most, but maybe not all of the fabrics picked out and lumped together in a bag/bin, and I have not yet cut one piece of fabric. AY! Really? Yep, really.

ok, and let's just say that I have at least 10 other 'ideas' in the brainstem that have not worked their way out into the light yet. and, you can bet that I have enough fabric to make them all. of course, I will still not have the "right" fabric for all of them, but hey . . .

SO grand total, I get 30 here (*and for purposes of this discussion I am ignoring the very large and complicated block of the month kit that I have only ever completed half of the first block - a feathered star - because I am saving that block of the month kit for when I am in the sanitarium, thank you.)

I am going to put my pedal down, (sweetie is going to try and fix my big machine, but I still have 3 others I can use, so no excuses) and work on at least getting the first 6 "nearly dones" out and into the world by the end of the year, along with Lawn Chairs and Swanky pinwheels. Wish me luck. Really.

Friday, November 5, 2010

PIQF favorites

Here are just a smattering of the squillions of quilts I lurved at PIQF.
Sweetie took most of the pics so I need to grab his camera and get them too.

Quilt shows really get me excited to tackle my projects. I am making
progress on getting projects put together and organization too. In fact,
last night I reorganized ALL of my fabric and am getting rid of probably 100
pounds of fabric I no longer want. If you need some random fabric for scrap
or charity quilts let me know and I will figure out a way to get it to you!

Oh and got a curve master presser foot at the show and it so rocks my curved
piecing. Best gadget I have ever purchased, well other than a rotary
cutter. Got all the rest of the curved piecing done for the dotty quilt. I
would guess it's 5-10x as fast as not having the curved foot, and I thought I
was fast before. No pins, no picking stitches and no cussing.

Queso, next post: my w.i.p. list. Oh dear! That's like true confession time!
Happy Friday all