Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday!

What a month it has been! My oldest son is graduated, registered for college and moved out (sort of - his room here still has a lot of stuff in it). My youngest son is enjoying the lazy days of summer. He and I just went to Universal Studios Hollywood for a few days - I went to a conference and he went to to the amusement park with a friend. It was a nice little getaway.

Sewing, you ask? Oh, yes, I have sewed a bit. I made two large, piped, square bed cusions for my niece's daybed, two smaller pillows, and a neck roll pillow. I am proud of how they turned out. Zippers, custom made piping and all. Now I just need to do the bedskirt and a simple quilt. woo hoo! I have also made some random purse things and placemats, and I am *this* close to finishing the melon quilt. Hopefully, I will get to finish it this weekend.

Rachelle, who writes one of my fave blogs ever, Craft Rage, (see sidebar) has gifted me with 3 lovely patterns from her vast collection. All in my size, and so mod and chic, that I am going to try to whip one of the dresses up for the fourth of july. We are going to an outdoor concert and I think a chic retro dress will be perfect. Thanks Rachelle!!!

I know I have been remiss in posting pictures lately. I see that I keep promising. Alas, I don't have my camera with me right now, so I will try ONCE AGAIN to get on and post tonight.

In the meantime, enjoy these 6 unspectacular quirks about me, that I have been tagged by Alison at My Little Stitching Corner to provide:

1. I do not like tomatoes, yet I like ketchup, salsa and tomato sauce.

2. I cannot stand anything between my toes. No flip flops, no pedicure sponge thingies, no toe-rings. Freaks me out. I have considered having my nerve endings numbed so I can wear all those cute shoes!! ha ha.

3. I don't like gorey movies, but I watch reality medical and crime shows like Trauma Life in the E.R. and 48 Hours. And I love watching MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting, like UFC. My husband thinks its funny that I can't stomach fake gore, but the real stuff doesn't bother me. He is the opposite.

4. I spend a crazy amount of money on stationery and organizational supplies that I don't really use very well. I am terrible about sending actual written notes, and my stuff is not that organized.

5. I hate to be barefoot, except when I am sewing, then I cannot wear shoes. ???

6. I have recurring dreams about a house that I redecorate over and over. I have never been to that house in real life, nor do I ever redecorate the house I actually live in, nor do I always really like the way I decorate the dream house. I attribute this to the fact that I watch HGTV way too much.

That's it! So now I get to tag the next! And, the rules are:
Link to whoever tagged you
Mention the rules
List 6 unspectacular quirks about you
Tag 6 folks by linking to your post.

I will now tag:
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Hope you all will play along!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Wow. Where have I been, indeed!

What a stress filled few weeks I have had since the last post. Our oldest had his senior prom, which we hosted the pre-prom dinner for 22 kids. Wow. It was a success! The kids looked great. I will get around to adding pictures hopefully tonight.

Then work was just a big ball of crazy with two or three big cases commanding a lot of attention.

Then we bought a house for my son and his roommates to live in while they go to school, so a lot of time had to be devoted to that endeavor and getting it ready.

Next was a craft-a-palooza weekend I organized with my friends where I worked on my awesome melon quilt.

Followed by graduation!! Yay, our son is all graduated!! And we had a party at his new house that was just wonderful.

So, now that all that is behind me, I should be back in quilt and blog mode!! Just wanted to give y'all an update. (I have still been reading everyone's blogs even while I checked out for a bit.) I got tagged to tell some fun stuff about me, so I will post that later today when I post pictures.