Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, I have been on a hibernating hiatus long enough. Time to get back to bloggy land. I have not been idle. I have been lurking around the bloggernet, working on quilt projects and trying to create some order out of the chaos of my personal life. I will spare the details on the divorce, the lack of employment, downsizing my surroundings and possessions and INSTEAD focus on the wonderful details of a re-discovered me, a happy heart, a wonderfully romantic soul-mate, my recently landed awesome job, and a renewed creative spirit. Pictures and junk to follow.
For now, here is a picture of a little sewing tote I made in a class taught by the vivacious Pati.

I can't wait for Spring to actually be sprung here in NorCal. Feels more like Seattle lately with the rain and clouds.