Monday, March 9, 2009

busy takes on whole new level

oh crud. how am i ever gonna right this ship that is so tipped over in a sea of busy! I cannot remember working this hard in so many different directions since my kids were in grade school and I worked full time plus at a crazy law firm that had me flying all over the country. Now, I am self employed lawyering, so I have no one to blame but me, but whine, whine, I will. I have been referring to the convergence of all these cases and depositions and hearings as "the perfect storm" because it's all landing on me at once.

The bright light in my week will be thursday when I get to teach my first ever quilt class at Thimble Creek!! I am so excited and so ready to get a sewing break.

Last week, I finished the school auction quilt top and my peeps quilt top, but this week, nothing has happened in the studo (insert "cricket sounds") so I have to satisfy my quilting needs by looking at everone else's blogs!!

OH and I received a great package from Celeste in the fat quarter shop. I have never seen the fabric she sent before, it is so unique and springy!! I will post more and pictures soon, but I just want to say thanks! n case Celese visits my humble and not so quiltilicious right now blog.

Well back to the grind, ttfn

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happy zombie said...

How exciting about your class at TC! I love TC... I love Joe & Roxie! Can't wait to see what you've cooked up... especially your schaaawanky with the Peeps!