Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things that make me smile

For my friend's birthday we went wine tasting Saturday. First stop, Larkmead in Calistoga. I parked my sweet ride and then was met with this inviting view:

Although I am usually a very active person, and my kids tease me that I can't sit still through one tv show or movie, the idea of sitting in a rocking chair on a crisp evening watching the sun set, with a quilt around my shoulders and my man at my side holds a very very very charming appeal. Maybe I still believe in fairy tales, but I hold out hope that this will be me someday.
This also makes me smile, my two adorable nieces playing in the grass at Easter. The little one's new phrase is "I got it!!" everytime she runs for a ball. Adorable.

Planning quilts also makes me smile, and I just started dreaming up one that looks really good so far. In my head. I found this drawing a while back (from a United Airlines ad, if you can believe that!) and it is going to be the basis for the coloration and feel of this quilt. Hmm, with all the ufos I have, this may be completed in oh, 2012. But it's fun to plan.
ok, gratuitous sexy man photo. I think we all can agree that I have an overabundance of mad love for this man, Jason Statham, and his new movie, Crank 2 comes out on Friday, which will probably not be an Oscar contender, but if it delivers this kind of action, I should be able to sit through it. . .No popcorn, please, just pass the Statham.


Debbie said...

I am with you! Jason is hot! and would pass up the popcorn too! I loved him in the Transporter shows...especially when he uses his clothes to fight with....hahaha

Kristin said...

I wonder if Debbie is going to see his movie today like I am!