Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shop Hops!

South Bay Shop Hop was a lot of fun. Stores I have never been to before. I like the charm bracelet idea -- each store gave out a charm to add to a necklace or bracelet. Really cute. I will post a picture of the charms once I get them on a bracelet. Here are some pictures of the stores.

The weather was perfect for running all over the area and collecting charms. We ate fabulously, too and even drank a bit of spirits. MMMMOjitos on the beach in Capitoloa, it doesn't suck.

Finally got to check out Santana Row, in San Jose, which was a trip. Felt like Rodeo Drive, even saw a bright yellow Lamborghini. And shoes that cost more that one months rent on my first apartment, more than a plane ticket to Hawaii. yikes.

Also managed to work on the jellyfish quilt, in between shopping, eating, drinking and chatting, so hopefully I will have it done this week before the class. More pictures to follow.
Au Revoir


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