Saturday, May 22, 2010


My youngest went to prom last week. In his words, it was Sooooo Awesome!!

I am not permitted to "tweet the deets" actually I am not allowed to even know the "deets" but here are some sooooo awesome pictures:

Prom attire has changed quite a bit from when I was a teen in the Awesome 80s. Remember these getups?

OOOh, yeah, lots of shiny taffeta, asymmetrical hemline, off the shoulder and a big poufy flower. ALL the ingredients for an awesome dress. I can almost hear "True" by Spandau Ballet, or Journey "Faithfully"

Queso, if you are in need of a diversion, google this: ghetto prom dress. or redneck prom dress. but don't be hatin' on the most awesome vision ever, the Hello Kitty prom dress:

2 words to describe this: sah-weet!

Wish I had an appropriate event, alls I'm sayin' Here me, honey? Bust out the top hat, tails and cane, dust off the ruffled shirt and we will go to town.

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