Monday, June 28, 2010

Pop Quiz

Which one of these checker board type configurations would I rather be playing with right now? Hmmm.
Queso, Kim came over and we made another snap bag (get your own pattern here) and almost finished binding a wee tiny turtle quilt and then I got the above checkerboard quilt arranged. It will have navy blue sashing 3/4 inch finished and a piano key border. The pattern is from Fons n Porter October '07 issue, it's called "Checkers."

I made enough blocks for two quilts but then I realized that each quilt would be too small (48 x 60) so I am going to make one big quilt. It is a wedding present for the second cutest couple I know. They like simple clean lines and bold but dark colors so I think its perfect.

Alas it is a keyboard I must attend to now. . . I will work on the quilt more this week while my guy is out of town. Sigh.


BWCD said...

Well your guy sure wishes you where going with him. Like the song says " I left my heart in San Francisco." I will be home soon my love. I will miss your smile.

o said...
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PamKittyMorning said...

Couldn't find an email to respond to your comment so figured I'd come here. I'm glad you went and had fun!!! Its a great shop, right? Anyway I bought that cute Paris t-shirt for my daughter and a cute flower pin from Japan from myself. I love this new location so much more than the last. Glad you enjoyed it! xo