Monday, January 30, 2012

Road 2 California leads to Los Cruces!

First off, what was on the quilt frame this week?  Here is an adorable kids quilt, made by Kim!  I had a really good time putting some whimsical quilting on this one!

Went to Road 2 California quilt show last week as a helper-vendor for Nolting, and it was Crazee!  Bummer part of it was that John was sick, so I had to go it alone.  BUT I learned a lot of stuff from Julie, Tom, Lance and Dan, about how to present the product, set up and take down the booth, and all kinds of good quilty information.

I was humbled by the amazing talent, inspired by the colors, products and patterns, and awed by the number of people that went past our little corner.

Here are some of the quilts I loved:
Check out the trapunto butterflies.  Ah mazing.

Handpainted, stitched, the bio says it took the quiltmaker 3 years to complete

Best in Show.  Love the shading and the stained glass look.

Crystals were on most of the winning quilts.  It's all the rage.  This one was beautiful with, but would have been a stunner even without.  Below is the quilting visible from the backside, almost as pretty as the front.

Super fun Halloween quilt, with lots of 3D effects

Side view, trying to show the 3D embellishments and effects

This is one I would like to try to make - individual grapes

Part of the special exhibit called "Bridges"  featuring 2 bridges I used to know quite well.

Gotta love the name, and here is the quilt:

Mermaid Castle
Close up of a mermaid

This is a miniature, like 12 inches square!!

I adore the quilting on this! The feathers, the basket weave cross-hatching.  Ahhh sweet!

Beautiful Christmas quilt, with a heart wrenching story, below

Detail from quilt above

I really like the color scheme and fancifulness (yeah, it's probably not a word) of this quilt

So I believe that inspiration can come from any source, and I am trying to find daily bits n pieces.  Today I saw this color combo and graphic depiction of the cow at pasture and I thought it was quite charming:

weird, maybe.

Queso, next week, Feb 10-11, Sunshine Quilting will be a vendor at the Las Colcheras Quilt Guild Show, in Los Cruces, NM.  We are looking forward to seeing the wonderful quilts, meeting interesting people and hopefully selling a Nolting quilting system or 2. .. or 3 . . .

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