Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer time and the living is easy . . . not

It has been a heck of a few months.  Starting my law practice, attending my first Quilt Market, moving, the graduation of oldest son from UCLA and the not-so-fun road trip home, a baptism of the pumpkin and sadly, the passing of my mother-in-law have been the main focus of the past couple of months.  Consequently, I have not been updating the blog.

Consequently, I have so much to share . . .
Here are some table runners I designed and made for Gathering Stitches as part of the flower of the month series:

February - Violets

January - Carnation

April - Daisy
My first crochet dishcloth!  Sent to my mama.  I have made several more since, in all kinds of shapes and colors and patterns.  I have also made a purse.  I am really loving this new craft.

I made this:

 from the "Toast Points" pattern in the book "Let's Do Lunch"
which is the new table runner of the month program from Gathering Stitches.  Each month we are doing a runner from the book, plus a recipe plus a bonus pattern made from the scraps.  I made the potholders from the leftover points from the stitch and flip method.

I am excited right now because my youngest son is home for a couple of weeks from college and we have been having a good time.  Feeding the animals.  The little ones were so excited to have help pulling up the tasty plants.

Here are some photos from Quilt Market in Portland:
Lisa Sipes - amazing quilter, aka McLisa Tangerine Starfish Sipes.

Romantical vintage looking booth

To the other extreme of electric colors

Hexies were everywhere!! And the quilting is divine!

Gingham Style.  Love it
For my bud Kim


No trip to Portland is complete without a visit to VooDoo doughnuts

 I think it's funny that the slogans for VooDoo and Legacy is so similar - "The Magic is in the Hole," and "The Magic in the Middle"

The Graduation Road Trip to California!  This is before the drama, when all was happy!

Bob's Big Boy is a must do

The hotel was sooo beautiful.  We had a hard time getting pumpkin out of the pool.

With our handsome graduate.

UCLA graduation at Pauley Pavilion.  3 amigos in the center.

Me and my boys

We sure miss the ocean since moving away

So the drama was getting our car towed from in front of the hotel at 3 am on Saturday morning, the day we were supposed to head back home, and being stuck until Monday when the DMV offices were open to sort it out.   I suppose there are worse places to be stuck then in L.A. near the beach, but we were not planning on 2 extra days at the hotel, renting a car, and the headache of standing in line at DMV Monday morning.  (I got to the DMV at 6:45 am for an 8:00 opening and was #30 in line!!)  We were originally told it would be about $1100 to cure the registration snafu issue, but thankfully a call to the New Mexico MVD and $7.00 and one faxed temporary tag later, we were back on the road home.

I quilted this cute little buckaroo quilt that Connie made:  I did lassos and stars in gold.

Our little pumpkin was baptized the day after her Grandma passed.  She loved her dress and all of the attention!

Here is a quilt that I quilted for Jeannie - I love working on her quilts.  She is quite talented.  I love the peach and aqua for a baby quilt.

As usual, I will close by saying I hope to post more regularly!!  ttyl

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