Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School, Farmer's Markets and Tote Bags

It's the most wonderful time of the year! When the kiddies return to school.

A bit different when one is starting college and the other is a low-key easy-going sophomore in High School, but still and all. . .

So, in honor of the end of my summer, I packed up my fabulicious fabric, my trusty Janome, a bottle of wine and assorted tote bags filled with stuff, and, after inviting myself along, hopped over to Marin County to quilt the weekend away with some fabulous and talented women, courtesy of Sandy Klop's retreat. Wanna see what we can do? (obscure cultural reference to the character "stuart" on madtv)

First up, cuz it's my blog an' all, is my Melon Liberty quilt that is based on Karen Stone's fab pattern. I am getting ever so close to finishing this sucker, doncha think?

I also discovered that the blocks fit together so much more nicer when I trimmed them to the right size first. ack. Did I mention the hotel had a free "happy hour?"

Next we have Linda, the HAND QUILTER, who finished quilting the inside of this gorgeous Irish Chain quilt. Amazing.

Linda's table buddy, Patty was probably the most productive. She worked on finishing an assortment of projects, continuously pulling fabric and quilt tops out of her gorgeous new RED Lexus. Here she is working hard, and next to her is a really cool quilt she is designing as a teaching project.

Speaking of projects (typing of projects??) Sandy brought a project for us all to do from her collection of flannels. We made the most adorable little purses: (mine is on the left, Lisa's on the right in the left picture, Suzanne is modeling hers at right)

Suzanne whipped up this table runner for an anniversary gift: The photo does not do the fabric justice. It was totally yummy Asian print with gold metallic accents. Diane meanwhile was stripping away. Making a strippy quilt. Gawd, you guys!

OK, so WTH?? (What the Heck!) Look at the size of these blocks! Jane is making a quilt called "Nearly Insane" I say, there's no "nearly" about it! Two or three of these blocks and I would be totally nutted up. Nurse Ratchet!

Nancy gets the ooh and aah award for this Jane Austen quilt. She has made four others like this. Wow. The pieces are TINY in that border. She is a very organized quilter. She and her work space is on the left, Diane is on the right.
And then, my bloggy friends, we have the piece de resistance, in my opinon, from the very arty Stacey, who created this work as she went, cutting and hand sewing these awesome organic shapes, embellishing with beads and metallic thread. I just love the energy of this piece. She also discovered yo-yo maker. (no not him!) the clover yo-yo maker. She used organza and added beading though to make the most elegant starry / jelly fish looking embellishments ever. This is probably 36 inch square or so, fyi. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I took a break from Melon to work on my Dad's quilt, that I started years ago. I am pleased to report that I got one whole more block done. At this rate, I should have it done in 2025 or so. But I did cut and organize strips for more fun sewing later. I do love this pattern.

Tired of looking at my ufo's?? Me too, so here are some pictures from the delectable Farmer's Market in San Rafael: