Friday, January 14, 2011

Recent Randomness

Queso, I had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family, yadda yadda, super happy with my wonderful fella, (ridiculously happy, if you must know), went on a quilting retreat to Napa with the fabulous Sandy Klop as our fearless leader, worked on the Alice quilt, etcetera etcetera. Now you are up to date, and I can tell you that:

I am the proud owner of a Sizzix big shot pro die cutter! seriously!! At retreat, Sandy had her Accuquilt cutter there. OMG, so awesome to cut out quilts in lightning fast speed. But after doing some research, I decided the sizzix was a better fit for me. It is compatible with sizzix and accuquilt and other dies. The accuquilt won't take the sizzix :-( The pro is a beastly model that is super steady and easy to crank with a super big opening. I am looking forward to "cranking" out some good stuff soon, so stay tuned, dear reader.

Queso, wanna see what have I done lately? Well, at retreat, I took some leftover corners from the Peeps Quilt, and made them into pinwheels. . . then, I took the pinwheels and tossed them on a design wall and started randomly piecing them together with leftover background dots (love that Lakehouse fabric) and here is where I am headed -- I hope to have a small wallhanging that looks somewhat like flowers on stalks - I will applique in some stems and leaves. Picture on the left is near the start of the process and picture on the right is further along. I just love the idea of using those leftovers - Kim calls this one "stale Peeps" since it uses the leftovers from the Peeps quilt. I love it. The name that is. Not sure how this one will turn out.

these yummy bits are going to be sewn together to make a cushion, called a "honey bun pouf" - Amy Butler pattern. I found all of these fabrics in Napa at Quiltworks, and they were all ON SALE. HALF OFF. woot woot! I think they will go so well with my lime green shag rug from IKEA, don't you?

From the beach in San Diego the week after Christmas: We had such a great time! Took Pumpkin and the giant boys to Disneyland, then to San Diego to meet up with my Dad and Polly. We had a fabulous time!! Stayed at the Loew's resort in Coronado. I highly recommend it.

no, mine is not the hairy leg, thank you.

We even made playdough party cakes! My apologies to the staff who had to deal with the crumbs in the carpet of the hotel. Yikes.

Here we are getting ready to have dinner. Pumpkin is entertaining us with magic tricks. She is sitting on oldest boy Anthony's lap. Brian is to the right, and Anthony's girlfriend Jessica (Pumpkin's new bff) is on the left.

OMG, how cute did these purses turn out?!?!?! I know, right? Hella cute. These were made by me, using the amazing Monica's pattern, for my cousins Katie, Meghan, Madison and Shelby for Christmas. I am really pleased! oh, and there is my lime green shag IKEA rug.

The rug, again, as backdrop for the poncho I made for Pumpkin to wear at Disneyland. too flippin' cute. After this picture was taken, I added a wide border of the minnie mouse flannel to the edge. This pattern was from a book that I adore by Lotta Jansdotter.