Monday, October 27, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop arrives safely in New Mexico

I was tagged by Pati Fried to share some information about me and move this awesome blog hop along.  Welcome to New Mexico!!

How does my writing / creative process work:  Those who know me may be surprised to learn that the creative process for me is very introverted.  I have never been one to collaborate, to put ideas up for input, or any of some of the methods some very talented people use to get their juices flowing.  Rather, I generally internalize feelings or moods, or let ideas percolate for a very very long time in order to get  a grip on what I want to do.  OR  I just react quickly and spontaneously and make a quilt very fast and very organically.

For example, I have a quilt that I have been planning for several months, in my head, with a few sketches written down here and there. Often, I will just imagine the construction, play with the layout and try to get in touch with my purpose and story of the quilt -- all in my head.  When I finally get around to making my project, it literally will feel like I have made it before.

Here is one done with the percolate method:

"Peppermint Twist" my original pattern.  Designed in my brain for a few weeks in response to a challenge at the local quilt shop.  I am now working on doing the same quilt in shades of blue and purple.  And by working on, I mean I have all the fabric picked out.
And, here is one done on the fly with whatever I had on hand:
Completely crazy pieced and embellished Halloween quilt.  Designed on the fly with little pre-planning.
Why do I write/create what I do:  I create to keep my sanity within manageable and socially-acceptable boundaries.  I  think it is genetic or at least so ingrained in my nurturing that I must create.  My mother is an oil painter, extreme seamstress (wedding dresses and tuxes, for example), furniture reupholsterer, calligrapher, banner-maker for the church, costume designer for school plays, embroiderer, scrap-booker, knitter . . . . . the list is nearly endless.  Likewise, my oldest son is an artist, working in oil painting, digital photo-shop, pastels, acrylics, pen and ink, and also writes screenplays and works in film production, and my youngest son is a music producer.  SO creativity is all around.  I was raised with art supplies all around as were my sons, and now my stepkids.

I have a very analytical "day job" and need a respite, a place to have a distinct voice and personality from others, and a desire to be productive in a different kind of way.  I think handmade whether it is arts or crafts is a way to express and connect with yourself and others.

I have a longarm quilting machine that allows me to finish my quilts the way I want, and I also quilt for others - I like the process of trying to figure out how to complement the existing design with stitching.

I have been a "serial crafter" trying lots of different media until finally landing on quilting in 2003 and I think this is where I will stay . . . although you never know!

What am I working on:  I have a variety of projects going on at any one time - I do make a lot of quilts from commercial patterns and standard quilt blocks or techniques that I put together in my own unique way.

Work in Progress - KimberBell pattern block of the month

BUT my big background project is my EPIC ALICE quilt, which has been slumbering for a number of years, but is ready to get going again.  This is a 100 percent out of my brain quilt that is organically progressing.  It's a combination of pieced and applique, mostly applique, and looks like it will be approximately 80 by 90 inches or so when completed, depicting scenes from Alice in Wonderland.  It will be loud and bold and messy with lots of embellishing.

I am also in the process of designing a Native American / modern / quirky row quilt with feathers, arrows, teepees, fish, the phases of the moons.  Shades of eggplant, vibrant orange, kelly green, brown and royal blue with lots of white.  My friends think it's crazy, so I should have a winner.

I am also making some cute tote bags and working on Christmas projects that I cannot reveal.

On the longarm side, I am working on finishing a lot of Christmas projects for others.

How Does My Work Differ from Others in my Genre:  I don't think I take myself too seriously.  I have a bit of recklessness in my design process, the production methods and my color choices.  I also don't really stick to a theme or style.  I know a lot of artists or quilters where their art is instantly recognizable, say, applique flowers in batiks, or stars in primitive fabrics, but I have too much I want to do in any one particular category.

Quilting I did on a customer quilt - piecing pattern is Labyrinth.  Quilting design is mine.
My longarm quilting is (I hope) unique in that every quilt gets something that fits that quilt's mood, design, intention (limited only by budget).  I tend to freehand everything and love that liberation.

More of the same

More of the same quilt

A close up of my happy little trailer on my "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" quilt that is based on the pattern "Neighborhood Charm" by Esch House quilts for Moda Bake Shop.  I have posted about this quilt earlier on the blog.

In writing this it has been fun to think about my creative process and review my past blog posts.  Enjoy your stay at this happy place and be sure to check out the other Around the World Posts!

I nominated a couple of bloggers, but they got back to me that they had already done it so I will find 2 others and update this post.
Thanks, and happy creating!!