Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Topsy, Turvy world

In just 12 days, Sweetie and I are moving this quilt wonderland to New Mexico. We are starting our business, Sunshine Quilting, custom long arm quilting and sewing machine repair, and looking forward to decorating and enjoying our new home. . . we will link to the business website when it is up and running .. .

I am already going crazy with furniture purchases, fabric purchases for all the home decorating I will be doing. I am having sooo much fun!!

Here is the kitchen fabric. Capri by Pati Fried. I got this and a bunch of the other coordinating fabric.

Get it from the super nice peeps at over the rainbow

For the master bedroom:

I hopped over to fabric worm, and got some delish yellow and gray fabrics designed by Joel Dewberry (aviary) and Jenean Morrison (silent cinema)and a little Tula Pink, too . the plan is to make coordinating stuff to go with the bedding we got at macy's:

I know what you are thinking: why didn't I just make a quilt? CUZ. I like this one. and it's already made, so we won't be shivering waiting for me to unpack the quilty stuff.

Alrighty then, gotta go pack. TTFN