Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, I finally posted pictures from the January 1-4 retreat in Napa, see below, and here I am, packing for another retreat to Bodega this weekend. Lucky, Lucky me. This weekend I will be working more on the Alice quilt and hopefully I will remember to take pictures.

I am also going to work on an apron for the current, SSEN flirty apron swap and hopefully also get the Grad Night quilt finished.

tonight is sewing group, so also sewing before I head to my sewing retreat. woo hoo! hope you all get to do something fabulous this weekend, too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolution


REDUCE! That's my resolution. But not reduce me, reduce my stuff. I intend to pass along 30% of my current stuff - clothes, linens, housewares, crafty stuff. So, I started with my hall closet. Whew. Then, I tackled the dining room drawers, cabinets. I got a hefty bag to go to the dump, and a car load of stuff for Goodwill, plus found some much needed storage room in that closet for when I get to the kitchen overflow - big platters and stuff.

What is it about organizing stuff that feels so dang good! Why can't it feel that good to stay organized and do the daily stuff to keep it up. I swear the container store is like my best friend/worst enemy. Keeps me tantalized with the illusion of perfectly matched storage bins neatly labeled and lined up in the closet. I buy all that stuff, get it all set and pretty and then what happens?? chaos seeps in. oh well, I fight on. Next item up for project organization is my horrid bedroom walk in closet. ha ha walk in . . . that's funny. hurdle in . . . shimmy and squeeze in maybe. I wear like 1/3 of what's in there at most, I swear. why do I have so much stuff I don't wear? delusion.

ok, so one area that is fairly* organized (*always room for improvement) is my sewing loft. And I have recently returned from a fabulous sewing retreat in Napa. I am working on a really fun project based on Alice in Wonderland. I am such a bonehead that I did not take a picture of it when I had all the parts laid out, but I will try to recreate it at home. It's basically a background with pieced and appliqued items to be sewn all over it. I really love how Alice turned out, and the Wicked Queen. You will see, later.

The other gals were super industrious as always, and on a variety of different projects. Pictures to be inserted soon. HERE THEY ARE:

Above: Diane's translation of a Russian Church

This is Sandy's marvelously huge applique extravagana.

Here is an easy peasy quilt I made for my brother in law's partner:

Chickie's sawtooth beauty. This is also a very large quilt, about 90 inches square I think.

Lara was making this for her boyfriend, who has always wanted a real log cabin. Now he will have the quilt, so almost there, right??

I so love hanging out with these amazingly talented, funny and inspiring ladies. I am blessed to have found this great group.

Below are Nancy, Nancy and Kathy showing off their retreat creations:

The hotel was awesome, too, and the weather was perfect (for me) kind of gray and misty rain and cold. I was in quilty heaven.

I got three quilts off to the quilter on Friday. These were sent to Laura Heine at Fiberworks for her magic touch. Retro kitchen is PICTURED ABOVE, Peppermint Twist is my own creation that I blogged about here, and then there is a Mary Engelbriet fabrics Turning Twenty quilt, too. I can't wait to see them all quiltilicious.

Pictures soon (soon as I find the cord I need to connect camera to computer -- do you think I can find a product at the Container store to corral that? I once lost my ipod cord for days and found it in a most unusual spot - ha ha)