Friday, February 18, 2011

next stop: total quilt domination

Sweetie has started a sewing machine repair and resale business to add to our efforts to dominate quilt making from all sides. Check it out:

We have 4 machines for sale already. Refurbished, clean, running smooth. A Singer 185k, which is a 3/4 size Singer that sews like a Featherweight. Sweetie and his teacher estimate that the motor has less than 5 hours of sewing time on it!! It is soooo cool and retro, I want to keep it (see, bad picture of the cute machine above); a Kenmore 8, which is a clean, basic workhorse of a machine, very simple styling; a Brother VX 970, also super clean, rarely used by its prior owner; and a vintage Zig Zag Dressmaker that looks like a Rocket ship; like the kind of machine Jane Jetson would sew on.
Pictures to go up later . . . so, stay tuned!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quiltilicious has gone Retail

My sweetie (aka Jcakes), Kim and I have gone retail - we have a spot to hawk our wares, at a store called Ambiance, in Martinez. 816 Main Street. Quilts, totes, bags, quilt kits and other handmade finery or foolery. We are marketing our stuff as CherryLime Quilts.

Here is one of the quilts for sale:
I forget the exact dimensions, but I think it's about 48x54. Good baby quilt. $175 and it could be yours!! More pictures to follow of other awesomeness.