Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cute alert

Blast from our past! Pictures of us from 28 years ago, in my backyard in Phoenix. Then and now the cutest couple ever. We altered them to black and white and are having large poster size prints made. AWWW. I know, not quilt related, but I had to share. I look at these pictures now and I actually get a lump in my throat, and a tear in my eye. I was and am so totally in love. (Plus, I miss having those long lean legs, my gosh! that's enough to make me cry.)

Buy Digital Prints

Buy Digital Prints

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Go forth and multiply

The wedding quilt is growing.  Here is the current layout.  Went from a 5 by 7 layout to an 8 by 8.  Cool.  Now I just wish it would finish itself.  I did all the hard work to make the blocks and figure out the layout, sheesh.

Off to celebrate our Nation's birthday. I do love a parade!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Curse you Alexander Henry!

I have blown my self imposed fabric diet, but he made me do it. Not fair really, I go weak in the knees for Alexander Henry fabrics anyway and THEN this fabric has my favorite holiday and with my favorite color pink! Mr. Henry please stop! No wait just kidding Al (can I call you Al?)
So I scoured the store and found these very different fabrics to go with.

The menswear looking plaid is by our local quilt shop owner Joe Wood. It's gorgeous! Gives the illusion of the texture of a fine wool. Then a pink star fabric that could be right at home in a baby quilt, and, natch, a polka dot. Kim and Sandy in our drop in group also each bought the same group of fabrics so I guess I chose well.

Oh you are wondering about my progress finishing things? Well the baby turtle is done. I made this from scraps left over from my big turtle quilt. If I knew how to link to my prior posts I would show you that one. ha ha. Thanks to Kim who whipped on the binding. Thank you! Just need to find a baby that wants a turtle blankie.

Queso, I traded a new project for a finished one so that's better than starting a new one without finishing another right?

Ok, well sock Al in the arm for me if you see him, k?

Happy Birthday America!