Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Quiltway!

Hey all,

I am finally getting a chance to visit blogland. I have been working on an original design quilt for my LQS challenge, "Project Quiltway" which is a contest to create an original quilt and pattern. (speaking of which, Project Runway is coming back tomorrow. whoo hoo! can anyone top Christian?)

The winning quilt will be displayed in the store and the pattern will be marketed and sold by the store. Cash prize, too. Anyhoo, today was the get-the-picture-of-the-quilt-top-to-the-store deadline, so here it is:

It needs a good pressing, and the lighting is pretty sucky, but it is really cute and bright in person. 40 x 50 inches. I like it. Funky trees, lots of presents, some stars and a candy border. I can't think of a name. The trees are like a wintergreen color, and the background is cream with rosy pink dots, and then there are bright pinks and black dots thrown in. I was thinking of "visions of gumdrops" or "gumdrop trees" but there really aren't any gumdrops on it. LOL. Any suggestions??

(oh, and the melon quilt? I only need to finish the border! yee hah!)

Why is it that every year I think that I am going to have so much free time in the summer when the kids are out of school? what a crock, huh? we get busier!!

We are leaving on a Mexico cruise on Sunday. 18 people in our group, families with kids. I am really looking forward to it and have been mentally packing for about 2 weeks what I am going to bring. Guess I have to do it for real for it to count. Speaking of which, I have also been making clothing. I made the most awesome skirt EVER but I don't have a picture yet, so that's a tease. I made some tops for the cruise, too, and some dresses for my one year old niece. guess i need to get on the ball about pictures, eh?

By the way, here is a picture of my baby boy, who just graduated from High School:

TTFN all and stay fierce.


John said...

My vote is "Peppermint Christmas", since the borders remind me of peppermint ribbon candy. Or even "Ribbon Candy Christmas".

PS. Is your son really that tall, or is he standing on something??

Happy Zombie said...

What a great quilt you designed and made. I love it! It's got winner written all over it.

Countdown to PR... only a few hours left to go before air time. WHOO HOOO! Until then... Auf Wiedersehen!

Mar said...

where can I vote? is this at Thimble Creek? YOU WIN!! sure wish I got bravo.

Kristin said...

Peppermint Christmas it is!!
My son is tall, but he was standing on a chair.

Keep those fingers crossed, people!

Mar, I will DVR PR and you can come watch a marathon and sew with me one of these days, neighbor!

amandajean said...

that sounds like a fun contest! your quilt is great.