Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crisp Fall Weather

I love this time of year! I want to put on a sweater, sip some cider, crunch through leaves and leaf through all of these shopping catalogs that are piled so high that they are doubling as furniture in my house!

Fall / Autumn whatever you wanna call it, I love it. I just wish that here in sunny CA there was more of a distinct break between our last 90 degree day and Christmas. I can usually squeeze in only a few sweater-wearin', cider-chugging days before I am eyeballs deep in ribbons and bows. Plus we have numerous birthdays in our family between October 10 and December 24 so we are constantly on the go, parties, celebrating, eating cake. . . oh gee, why do I love the Fall??

speaking of Christmas, I am going to make some really cool bath scrubs and fizzies for gifts this year. I bought the ingredients at and can't wait to get started.

I am going to my weekly sewing drop in tonight to work on an apron for the apronista swap. I am doing a cool black on white scrolly fabric with an intricate applique.

My quilt studio is finally set up in the loft, all I need now is to address the lighting situation, so hopefully I can get that done before Christmas. I have plenty of daylight, and some general illumination at night, but I want to do some snaky track lighting to really brighten the area. Seeing is quite important when quilting, no?

Even without optimal lighting conditions, I sketched out some ideas for quilts and projects last night, and I am really excited to get some of them off the ground. 2009 projects, though, because I have enough going on to get me through the last 41 days of 2008. Yikes. best get to gettin!

except, ps: Can I brag? Someone at my gym seriously thought I was 25 years old today! Not bad for 41, eh?


Rachelle said...

Ooooo! The combination of the words "quilt studio" and "loft" gave me shivers of envious pleasure!

41 days. Geesh. I'd better get sewing!

Pati Fried said...

Well, ya don't look 41!!! It was really great to see you this evening. I am so excited about the quilt class!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.