Friday, November 28, 2008

Flirty Apron Swap, flirting with Jason Statham

I received my beautiful apron in the Flirty Holiday Apron Swap. I am so overwhelmed! Here I am modeling it before we went to dinner on Thanksgiving. I actually wore an outfit to match the apron which is how much I love it!!!

This was my first swap. I had mentioned that I love black and white, sparkles and polka dots, and I got it all. My swap partner is an excellent seamstress, and made it reversible! It is so darn flippin' cute!!! Thanks Terri xox. I am definitely going to have to kick it up a notch for the next swap I do, these gals are amazing! check out the results at the Flirty Apron Swap

So, here is the first picture my nephew took of me in the apron, before I was "gussied up" I thought I'd share it here because it shows a couple of things: me in my natural state, no makeup, baseball hat. tomboy central. and me in my NEW natural habitat, the sewing LOFT which I have already trashed, and finally, there is a peek of my LibertyMelon quilt on the chair which I am in the process of whipstiching the binding onto (oops, ended my sentence in a weird preposition).

OK, so more pictures of the loft:

Here is my nephew holding the apron for me:
See the picture of the little girl in yellow? Me at age 4 in a smashing pantsuit, baby.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

by the way, and thanks for asking, Thanksgiving was fun - I managed to piss off my mom and mother-in-law both! M-I-L within 15 minutes of my arrival, wow, a new record! I love family. She did have a great line, though, told me I was "too sarcastic for my own good." Ouch baby, very ouch. Very true, but very ouch. Oh well, ON to the next batch of relatives, with Thanksgiving Part Deux tomorrow at my bro-in-law's. Wish me luck on not causing a ruckus with my OTHER mother-in-law, yes folks I get 2 - yipes.

BONUS: Movie review. Atonement. Amazing, tear jerker ending, excellent story, excellent cinematography, wish I had seen it in the theater. Definitely you must see it if you have not already, then we'll chat.

And, Transporter 3. Laughably bad story, terrible acting on the part of the "hot babe" but worth it to see Jason Statham (picture here from the first Transporter movie) without a shirt and kicking the stuffin out of bad guys. (glad I got to see his abs on the big screen. delish.) I really wanted him to do the same (kick the stuffin out of, that is) to his co-star though. That actress is annoying! ack.
So, I am holding my breath for the Brazilian Job.
Here is a bonus picture of Jason asking me what I want for breakfast. Oh wait, no, this is from the movie Crank. I get confused. I'll have a croissant and black coffee, though, in case he's listening.

oh, and pass the sarcasm, I seem to be running low.

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Hmm too much sarcasm huh! We watched the House marathon and really kicked in into high sarcastic mode over here!