Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Doncha just love that new commercial with the texting while doing all sorts of stuff -- Really? texting while you are playing baseball with me? Really?

So, same attitude-laden expression here when it comes to my works in progress - REALLY??

I got some organization up in here, and I discovered that I have 6 wip's that are "nearly done," as in just need quilting and binding or less -- one just needs some more eyeballs sewn on. yah, figure that one out - not a Dexter quilt or a Halloween thing -- it's my What a Hoot! owl quilt that I am sewing google eyes onto. Nearly finished with them too, it's just that if I work on it too much I get this feeling like somebody's watching me. Great, now that lame song will be in all of our heads today.

Next, I have 7 wip's that are "in the middle," as in I have some of the cutting and piecing done, like in the 25-50% done range: Lawn Chairs, swanky pinwheels, Harmony and Alice in Wonderland, and three projects from block exchanges where I have all of the exchange blocks and just need to do the alternate setting blocks to finish the quilts.

Then, there are 5 wip's in the "out of the starting gate" mode, where I have all fabrics pulled and ready, and I have actually begun cutting and/or piecing the blocks. It's no longer a fantasy project, tucked away on an island of my mind.

Finally, I have 12, yes another DOZEN for you math people, of projects that are in the "gathering" stage - I have the pattern, I have a lot, most, but maybe not all of the fabrics picked out and lumped together in a bag/bin, and I have not yet cut one piece of fabric. AY! Really? Yep, really.

ok, and let's just say that I have at least 10 other 'ideas' in the brainstem that have not worked their way out into the light yet. and, you can bet that I have enough fabric to make them all. of course, I will still not have the "right" fabric for all of them, but hey . . .

SO grand total, I get 30 here (*and for purposes of this discussion I am ignoring the very large and complicated block of the month kit that I have only ever completed half of the first block - a feathered star - because I am saving that block of the month kit for when I am in the sanitarium, thank you.)

I am going to put my pedal down, (sweetie is going to try and fix my big machine, but I still have 3 others I can use, so no excuses) and work on at least getting the first 6 "nearly dones" out and into the world by the end of the year, along with Lawn Chairs and Swanky pinwheels. Wish me luck. Really.

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