Monday, November 15, 2010

Lawn Chair quilt

It's about 80 degrees out and I am working outside today. I can't believe it's November!  Maybe this summer day was brought about because I was putting together the Lawn Chair quilt designed by uber talented Monica of Happy Zombie fame.

I was laying out and sewing the rows of this while watching all manner of guilty pleasure chick TV. "16 and pregnant," "the Locator," "Four Weddings," and "Dear Genevieve ." Hey this tomboy needs to keep the chick card current or it might expire. . .
Its ok. Tonight's football game will wipe out some of those credits.

I think I will work on something with a wintry feel to get this weather back to cider-sippin'  and sweater wearing days.


happy zombie said...

OH EM GEE! I love all the stuff you're making! The bags, the lawn chair quilt... and I'm seriously flattered by your much too kind words. Totally loving that you've making stuff from my patterns! I heart you, Kristen!!

joy said...

So nice to see the quilt done in different fabrics. Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your humor about the weather.