Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow Day Show and Tell.

It is snowing those enormous heavy big sticky snowflakes today.  Picture does not do it justice, it's actually quite pretty.  But the important thing here is that it is a SNOW DAY.  School has been cancelled.

 I really just want to snuggle under a quilt.  Alas, too much to do, so much to do, so little time.  SO let's just do some show and tell and get back to our busy day, shall we?

What has been on and off the Nolting machine recently.

First, Halloween Quilt by Jeannie.  I had a GREAT time on this quilt.  I love Halloween and I love working on Jeannie's quilt.  She let me do my thang all over it!

Here is a New York Beauty, made by Pat, from our awesome Stashaholics group:

Here is another of Pat's paper-piecing beauties:

I thought the turquoise would be a great color to repeat in the thread

Anne made this for her bed in beautiful blues and purples.  A couple of the fabrics featured butterflies, so I stitched a few hundred more onto the quilt in a lovely lavender thread.

 This next one was a blast!  It's mine.  I made it  It is made from Moda charm pack and the pattern is Neighborhood Charm from the moda bake shop.  I loved stitching all of the whimsical designs on this.  Sorry for the sideways photos!!  All of the stitching on this was done freehand, no marking, no templates, just off the top of my head as I was playing.

Anne's beautiful rainbow batik quilt

This is a hexie baby quilt made by Julie for her granddaughter.  In progress now, it's on the frame, I am going to add a wavy motif between the "love bead" looking ovals:

I leave you with a funny from Pinterest:
I wish I know where this was taken!!  I would order the "brishket"

Wishing you your own personal SNOW DAY,


Jeannie said...

So cool to be featured in your blog. Loved all the quilts shown. You are fabulous, but so are the quilters! That's some pretty fantastic work!!

Anonymous said...

I am also enjoying our snow day. Watching Dumbo with Aubree and Mayson. Love looking at all the quilts you have quilted.

Susan Greene said...

Hi Kristin! It's great to see all your wonderful quilting. Please private message me with info on how to send some business your way!

Kristin said...

@ Jeannie: You are so right! You guys keep making fabulous quilts and I will keep enhancing them with stitchy goodness.

@ Connie: Thanks, I can't wait to start on yours!

@ Susan. I send you a message on Facebook :-) and thanks!