Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hella Pink!

Working away at the Hella (or Hecka) Pink quilt. Here is the layout my husband helped me select. My photo skills are lacking, but you get the idea, yah?

Then I tried Lisa Boyer's trick and made Hecka Black and White. Still looks okay I think. I put the lighter blocks in the center, again as Lisa suggested:
Ok, and check this out. This is Hella Trippy: impressionist quilt. No need to match those seams! Thanks to my photo editor software.

And these little blocks are the not hella pink enough:

They did not make the cut. Benchwarmers. UFO's. Didn't play well with others. Loners. Voted off the island. Auf'd. Fired. (I could do this all day!)

Hey Designers! Gather round. I have some news. (Gosh I love Tim Gunn.)
What do youz guys suggest for a Fierce Border for this quilt o' mine. I am thinking narrow stripe, then sawtooth half-square triangles, just like the pattern calls for. Dang, I am clever.

Has anyone seen a good pink-a-licious stripe that would be good for this?? I have several stripeys, but none that seem to want to be in this quilt. Hook me up. Seriously.

ok, I am putting this one away for the night, and moving on to THE DRESS! woo hoo!


Lisa Boyer said...

Looooks like sooomeone elsssee is in looooove with their photo editing prograaaaaammmm!! (That was supposed to look sing-songy, but it looks sort of Swedish. Hmmm.) Isn't messing with photos fun? You made me sick with the blurry one, though. Sick and Swedish. That is one powerful program!

Mar said...

Love it!I think Quilt Pink line has some stripes?

Jackie said...

Great quilt and great idea to use a B& W picture! What a difference.

amandajean said...

I love the pink quilt. it. is. gorgeous.