Friday, March 7, 2008

Hello and Happy Saturday morning! I have been participating in our local area SHOP HOP the last couple of days. Can anyone identify the shop that is pictured above??


Okay, it's a trick question - this is the stuff I bought on DAY ONE!! All laid out nicely on my cutting table, all innocent-like. The fabric is saying, "what? how did I get here?" and "I look so cute, why do you want to cut me up into bits?" and a lot of "You're not going to ufo me are you?" ah, boy, tough questions all.

Here is the pink section of my new store.

And, welcome to the red and white and blue and yellow sections:

SWEET treats with no caloric value for my "birthday celebration" quilt. Actually all of the fabrics are for WIP so I don't feel too guilty.. Well and also because I haven't received the credit card statement yet.

Why is it that I cannot resist Alexander Henry floral prints???? This is going to be a top for me from an Amy Butler pattern. Oh yeah baby. some strappy yellow sandals would seal that deal nicely.

The shop hop is great fun, at each stop hoppers receive a block for the shop hop quilt. Each store has interpreted the pattern in its own way. Here is the quilt from the fabulous Sew Ewe Quilt in Brentwood, which is ginormous, btw. You know I am digging the pink. It kindof looks like a colorized black and white picture, or Ted Turner movie colorized. or a photo shop trick.

However thisis not the quilt I will make. I LOVED the one at Stitches in Time in Livermore, 'cept they won't let anyone photo it cuz they want to sell the pattern - I bought the pattern but the picture is pretty fuzzy on it, and I am thinking they don't want me scanning it anyhoo. SO, you must visualize with me, that there is a center medallion with a beehive applique, like their logo, then surrounded with sawtooth border in primary/white, then thin border, then the shop hop blocks with thin sashing of primary colors, then a dark floral. It is SO quiltilicious!! I spoke to the creator of the quilt who is fabulously talented. Leslie. Awesome. I think that was my favorite store. I spent the most scrilla there, that's for sure.

They also had the best freebie. It was a pattern and the materials for this pincushion, which I made when I got home Thursday night. Love it!! My french knots are lame. they don't deserve to be called French, they are more like Belgian, or Calais knots - kinda French but not really. (geography/history humor)

Here are the other freebies:

Nice assortment of fabric, candy, tools, patterns, candy, water bottles, candy, notepads and candy!

Hey from this shot out of my car window on the way to one of the shops, can you tell where I live? What is all of this snow doing here?
OOPS. Another trick. These are acres and acres of almond trees in bloom!!! the fragrance was intoxicating as I whizzed past at 60 mph to get to my next store. This is on Highway 120 which leads into Yosemite. I was on my way to Oakdale to the Quilter's Cabin. Notice my door is locked for safety.

Here is a final look at the haul, before I start cutting and shaping this into fun projects!!

next post I will talk about Day 2 and I will add hyperlinks!!! I am officially too tired to link.
Yes, there is much more to tell. Leave a comment if you participated in the No. Cal. March Madness Shop Hop. I would love to hear what you thought and see what you bought!!



Lisa Boyer said...

Completely. Totally. Jealous.

Mar said...

Oh Kristin! you went nutz! I love In-Between Stitches in Livermore. Leslie is very talented, she is the famous Leslie from "Late Bloomers". Looks like you had fun, wish I could have played!

heylucy said...

Last week they did the same thing down here in San Diego. I didn't even realize it until I went to my favorite quilt shop to pick up a few things. I went to a few other shops, but I didn't have time to go to all of them.

What great stash enhancers you picked up! I'm a little jealous :o)

thevintagemagpie said...

Oh My! That is some haul. This is my first time on your blog, and I'm enchanted! I can't wait to see what you create with all those gorgeous fabrics.