Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daffodils! and other flowers

Happily quilting away on the flowers, (see yesterday's post) but I took a break to inhale the fresh spring air and peep my daffodils

Aren't they awesome! I wish I was an expert photographer, but I also have other stuff to do today (quilt the flowers!) so this will do:

OK, and since I had the camera out, I had to take a picture of my 18 year old son's latest painting. This is a large, 36 by 24 painting he did at school. This is one of his guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix. I think it is amazing the way he captured the emotion, and also the details of the ruffles on the shirt and the embroidered vest. He is so very talented!! Again, I wish I was a better photographer to really capture the detail. Proud mama.

Have a great day and take time to smell whatever flowers you have!


Lisa Boyer said...

Wow...tell your son he did a fantastic job! Love the pose...he really does look passionate!

Mar said...

Your son is very talented! I new who it was instantly and don't worry about the photography, you can't go wrong with those beautiful blossoms!

Hmmm what about calling your new baby LuLu?