Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flower Garden is Done

My size 11 feet are doing the Happy Dance!!

I have finished quilting and the machine binding of the Flower Garden quilt!

I passed it back to my friend to finish whipstitching the binding. It is the perfect size for either a table runner for a big table, or to rest on the foot or topper of a twin bed. I think it's darling (natch). Hey Mar, by the way, Susie at Main Street is the one who helped my friend pick out this adorable sashing fabric. It has pink ladybugs, so cute!

I wish you could see it better (how do I get photos to turn out better on the blog?) I did blanket stitching around the flowers and centers (the first-graders wrote their names in the centers), free motion meander in the white parts, and a squiggly vine and leaves in the green sashing, with spirals in the star centers. It is really cute. It goes up for auction on Saturday, at the school's annual dinner dance, so keep your fingers crossed . . . we want to raise lots of dinero!

Here are my WIP boxes:

ok, I am pulling out the Dad quilt now - which of course is in the bottom box. This is going to be a quilt for my Dad from Judy Martin's Cookies and Quilts, and ladies and gentleman, this is our next item up in the piecing category (I have 9 of 16 blocks done), here are four of them:and my Garden Party Ladies is the next up for resuming quilting (I had put it aside to do the flower garden).

Is anyone out there in blog land going to do an event in connection with the Northern California March Madness Shop Hop? I think it would be fun to have some sort of a plan to meet or a carpool if anyone is interested . .

I found out that my new HK sewing machine (tentatively named LuLu -- thanks Mar), is going to be shipped FedEx tomorrow. I hope she has a lovely journey. I think I am going to have special projects just for her . . . funky fresh stuff only.

ok, two hours till workout time, so I am going to try to get a block done,




Lisa Boyer said...

Adorable quilts! And I think your pictures are just fine--I sure enjoy them. My favorite tip? Turn off the flash whenever you can...also, get a tripod for when you can turn off the flash. Natural light is tons better. When all else fails, Photoshop Elements is a miracle!

Mar said...

I'm sure glad that Lisa has good tips, cause I surely don't. I keep thinking I need a new camera. Your friends quilt turned out very cute. I don't think I'll be doing the shop hop. I have a lot of projects going and really can't justify a shopping trip. I may help Susie out on Sunday. Love your Garden Ladies!

amandajean said...

I like the WIP boxes. great idea!!!

SewAmy said...

your quilts are beautiful and your blog is so colorful. I love it.