Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Post

With great wonder as to whether this will ever be read by anyone, I post my first entry.

It is a fabulously sunny day, much to the disappointment I am sure, of the Debbie Downer who reads the weather report to me on my local cable station. She loves to get us all depressed over the worse-case scenario weather. Which cracks me up, because here in mild Northern CA, we don't have much weather to begin with.

I am currently working on several major quilt projects, and I always have the minor ones going on as well. Like a symphony of UFO's. I enjoy planning, designing, shopping for fabrics, thinking about the quilts, then cutting, sewing --- it's all so much fun, but sometimes I want to do certain parts and not others, which is when the UFO's come in handy - I can pick one out that is in the stage I want to play. What is it though, that makes me want to continue to start more, when I have so much already in progress? I dunno. I will just accept it. That's how I roll. (can you say that when you are 40, suburban, two teenagers?)

Speaking of my teenagers, the oldest will be 18 in 2 short days. This is very strange for me -- stranger than my 40th birthday which I handled with grace (and a new pair of high high heels). But a son who is a man is quite another thing entirely. . .

Well, little nascent blog, I must return to real life for a bit - I did want to get this first post out of the way, so that the blog is officially set up. Next time, a lot more action, maybe a car chase, some photos and other interesting stuff.
Ciao, bellas,

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Elizabeth said...

Guess what? You're officially being read! If there's a rule about not being able to discuss how you roll once you turn 40, no one has told me.
Great start--looks like another fun blog to keep up with!