Friday, February 22, 2008

WIP, OPP, what it's like to be 18, and my latest ebay splurge

Today was supposed to be a WIP Friday -- a day to work on my Works in Progress; however, it turned into an OPP -- other people's projects. I am helping a friend make a project for her son's first grade class, to be auctioned at the school's annual dinner dance. She has done a great job with the cutting of the fusible applique', the piecing of the blocks, but she is too newbie to do the stitching around the flowers, so it was passed back to me today for machine blanket-stitching, and then quilting. I really enjoy helping others, especially when they have a genuine interest in learning to quilt, it's just that I was longing to play with my own toys, ya' know?

I will post a pic once I finish . . . it is a super sweet, bright pastel - Springy Eastery table runner that each child has signed his or her name to the center of a flower.

I also made my world famous chocolate cake today for my son's 18th birthday (e-gads!) I think he has requested the same cake for his birthday for about 16 of those 18 years!! It is the best chocolate cake EVER. The recipe is on the back of the Hershey's cocoa canister. Check it out. I double dare ya. But I do warn, if you make it once, you will be requested to make it for every family birthday and event. Trust me.

We went to Benihana's for dinner - the four of us (two sons, husband, me) and four of my son's large, hairy, (yet polite and funny), friends. Yes, it was the "testosterone zone" as usual. I cannot wrap my head around this 18 thing. He can vote, buy lotto tickets, and, as he informed us tonight, go to certain male entertainment establishments. I swear I am going to pass out. As he left the house after cake, I told him to be home by 10:30 and he just laughed. oy. where is my baby? somewhere in the midst of that 6 foot 4, 215 pound, hairy legged man that lives in his room . . .

EBay Splurge! For a third degree black belt shopper like me, EBay is like ultimate cage fighting. (I so agree with the ad campaign - it's better when you win it!) I totally scored and got a "Hello Kitty" sewing machine for $46 that is in transit!! Woo HOO! and a big shout out to Monica at the Happy Zombie for introducing her "Mimi" and thus sending me on this quest. I have been a Hello Kitty fan since High School, and I cannot resist anything with cherries on it. (which leads to another shout out to PamKittyMorning for the cherry sneaks) SO, the current count of sewing machines will increase to 4. Got Big Bertha - the Brother 1500S for speed racer piecing and quilting the big quilts, the Janome Quilter's Choice, apparently for OPP (see above), the husband's Featherweight, (yup, he quilts now and then) and soon to arrive, my very own Hello Kitty! No excuse for all these WIPs with four machines, eh what?

Maybe if I am really lucky I will get to sew my own stuff this weekend. . . stamp, pout, hands on hip, eye roll. . . If not, I can always pop on my cherry sneaks, eat a big piece o'cake and work on attaining the next level of blackbelt in shopping . . . hi-yah!

Until next time, hug those kiddies, they grow up FAST


Mar said...

Well howdy neighbor, so glad you dropped by! seams funny that we could have actually even chatted in MSQ and not known it. Great score on the Mimi's sister! you lucky ducky, I don't do ebay, I have an addictive personality, so I just don't go there! but could resist if I saw one in 3d? NOT!
My baby boy is now 28, so.. been there done that... such joy! No rain yet!

Lisa Boyer said...

My son turned into a man too. Isn't it bizarre? A big hairy man that towers over me by a good foot or so. Honestly, as a mom, it just takes you totally by surprise, doesn't it? You just don't expect to have another MAN living with you one day. It's just too weird.

Enjoyed your blog! I'll be baaaack!

Jackie said...

Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I will be back. Sounds like you had a great time with your boys!

happy zombie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Kristen and the oh so sweet comment you left me! it's so nice to meet you.

OPP... I love that term. Seems I'm doing a lot of those these days. Whoo hoo on your HK mimi-sister score!