Thursday, February 21, 2008

Repurposed skirt - now it's a purse!

Last week, I took a break from quilting my Garden Party Ladies quilt and went shopping! I only intended to get some post-Valentine deals, but I bought the cutest green skirt, on sale at Target - then sliced it up and made a purse! It is a lovely almost bark cloth fabric. Here it is before the mad quilter got at it:

I actually bought two skirts. One in my size to wear, and one in a size 2 (not *ever* my size ha ha) to make a purse. I just measured down from the waistband 9 inches all around, stiched it up, right sides together,
then at the side zipper of the skirt I made a square patch for the inside so that now my purse has a pocket.
Then off of the bottom hem edge of the skirt I cut pieces to make straps, hemmed them nicely and sewed them on the inside, ironed on a velcro closure and viola! A purse.
And, it matches my skirt perfectly! The best part is that the skirts were only $10 each, and I have fabric left over from making the purse, so I am going to use that fabric to make big yo-yos to sew onto the green cardigan that I bought to go with the skirt.
OKAY enough silliness now back to quilting. . . ! -Kristin


PamKittyMorning said...

Very Clever!

susan said...

i like the idea of recyling things into better more useful things...when i left kauai i gave away many many garbage bags of fabric, unfinished quilt blocks, finished tops, books, etc. mark made me get rid of all my dyeing stuff, so now i am starting over slowly. this blog thing is kool

Lisa Boyer said...

Love the fabric, love the bag, especially the shape of it. Thanks for the 'tute. Inspiring. I'm looking at sale skirts in a whole new way!